CEO Greetings

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CEO Greetings

CEO Greetings

Welcome to VINSSEN’s website!

VINSSEN is a pioneering enterprise of environmentally friendly marine mobilities.
The human emission on electric carbon pollution has risen contributing to global warming and the abnormal climate changes have not gone undetected.
The global economy is rapidly changing from a low-carbon economy system to a zero-emission economy system since 2020 with a perspective for a sustainable development of human impact and carbon management.
We are all faced with the challenge of developing an environmentally friendly alternative fuel in order to zero out carbon emissions from all different sources including marine industry.

In order to reduce greenhouse emissions, we at VINSSEN, continue to Steadily invest on research and strategies to develop a sustainable propulsion system to reduce greenhouse emissions.
We primarily focus and apply the hydrogen fuel cell system and electric vehicle battery(EVB) technology to ship building and marine industry.

We take pride in our efforts to create environmentally friendly products that will have a positive impact on our customers while also reducing pollution on our planet.

Here at VINSSEN, we are committed to meet our customers diverse needs and produce high-quality products that will fulfill their expectations.

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