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Greenhouse gas emission from fossil fuel burning has risen at unprecedented speed over the years, contributing to global warming, sea level rise, and abnormal weather events.
VINSSEN, a leading company in the eco-friendly marine mobility sector, is dedicated to advancing the sustainable marine industry through the utilization of carbon-free energy sources, thus promoting sustainable.
Product Solution

VINSSEN is a maritime technology company leading the charge in reducing greenhouse emissions through innovative and sustainable products/solutions.

Marine Industry Solution

VINSSEN enables the use of hydrogen (and alternative fuels like ammonia and methanol) as cleaner and more efficient energy sources for the maritime industry. VINSSEN offers differentiated performances via a proprietary Titanium Bipolar Plate PEM Fuel Cell Technology, which results in better durability and weight profiles for maritime applications.

Battery Solution

VINSSEN is also positioned to support maritime electrification with battery solutions. When paired with batteries, fuel cells can benefit from increased efficiency and longer operational ranges.

Custom Solution

With support from a dedicated team in Korea that has a deep affiliation with the shipbuilding industry, VINSSEN is able to provide customized solutions for diversified use cases across a large spectrum of clients.