14M Passenger Ferry

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Eco-friendly Boat

14M Passenger Ferry

14M Passenger Ferry

EV007 Powered by Battery

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  • icon1 Eco-friendly
  • icon2 Efficient
    Electric Propulsion System
  • icon3 Eco-friendly fuel
    (Electric Battery/Hydrogen Fuel Cell)
  • icon4 Ship Integrated Control System
    (UI / PMS)

Introducing the design and basic information of 14M Passenger Ferry.

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  • Max. Speed : 7.0 knots
  • Operating Time (Cruising Speed) : 6 Hours
  • Length Overall : 14.8M
  • Beam Overall : 3.5M
  • Depth : 0.7M
  • Draft : 0.5M
  • People, Max : 22
  • Gross Weight : 13.0 ton
  • Material of Hull : Aluminum
  • Hull Type : Mono Hull
Eco-friendly boat that is safer and more comfortable for leisure activities

14M Passenger Ferry sets a revolutionary standard with its captivating design, effortless operation, comfortable ride, and impeccable work convenience, all meticulously crafted to cater to customer needs, including engine performance, structural integrity, and system functionality.

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Eco-friendly boats powered by batteries, ensuring low noise and vibration levels.

14M Passenger Ferry ensures superior driving convenience and efficiency through its purpose-built design for efficient driving, a range of convenient functions, and seamless operation performance.

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